Through our Merchant Services offer, we focus on making your business save money when processing any means of payment (PIN debit, credit card or contactless payment). Our main objective is to analyze your payments processing and reduce your current expenses in order to be more efficient.

Increase Sales, Decrease Costs.

Offer a variety of payment alternatives.

Increase your customer segmentation, satisfaction and security.

Expand physical and online business operations.

Automate the registry of your business transactions.

Is keeping track of your finances time-consuming?

Do you know exactly how your business is performing regarding the types of cards your business accepts?

Are you losing customers because of the lack of payment methods you currently use?

Simplify the management of your finances and generate accounting analysis that will allow you to better understand your business and execute optimizations while providing better service and customer care.

Experience GS Payments


Cardconnect Merchant processing services for all your online and in-store payment acceptance needs.


"Leveraging Clover means a merchant will be equipped to do much more than just accept payments".


Clover/Waoflex Point-of-sale (POS) systems, hardware where payments are processed, tailored to your type of business.


Cardpointe Backoffice platform where you can monitor your transactions, register billing plans, make refunds, print tickets, see your costs, among others.


Simplify your finances and your sales!

Offer a better service to your customers, reduce working hours and boost your sales growth... try GS Payments!



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350 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach FL 33139 United States
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